Casino etiquettes

The Etiquettes Every Casino Expect You To Adhere

Most of you might have decided to attempt visiting a casino, at least once in your lifetime, after you had watched, how our superhero James Bond, in his stylishly tailored Tuxedo, manages to win, the money, the focus, the admiration, and of course the heart of a super charming girl, all these in a single attempt of winning a casino game, get more interesting facts on How much ever youcould try, the reality wouldn’t be that much alluring and might be even lousy, when you don’t follow certain table manners that are expected to adhere in every casino.

You might think what manners could be there for a place that invests itself in gambling money, which has been still considered awful by many. But, not to forget, the attitude towards gambling is slowly changing and more people have started to accept and practice it as their pastime, as the casinos are focused in following some disciplined guidelines that enable even thelaws to be lenient with them.

So, if you are one among those gambling tyros, striving to crack that James Bond effect in casinos, then the following etiquettes are for you, not that I guarantee you could be the next Bond in casinos, but you could be that sensible gambler who could make his/her own way by without attracting any rancorous disagreements.

The Gambling Etiquettes

  • The Age limit

The first important thing that everyone of you, who are aspiring to win a game in the casino, should know is, ‘are you of the desired age expected by the casinos’? Yes, not every Tom, Dick and Harry who dream about casinos could enter them easily in the name of gambling if they are not at least 21 years of age. Well, to be clear here, there is no age restriction for entering the casino, but, if you want to qualify as a player or a gambler, then you should be at least 21 years of age, the age restriction that is strictly adhered by most of the casinos, with the exception of some Native American casinos that don’t have any problem in welcoming candidates at least 18 years of age. So the next time you plan to play in a casino, have your ID ready with you!

  • No phones, avoid cameras

Why do you want to receive or make a call that could tamper your attention when you are already in peril on the possibility of losing money? Even you understand or not, no casinos allow you to talk while you gamble, and even the arena would have been built strong in such a way to prohibit the mobile signals. Most casinos are camera-shy, so, before you click any pictures, always check with the casino guys, to avoid getting removed from the game.

  • There is a huge difference between, your rights and casino’s rights

Yes, you are certain to enjoy some right of yours in the casino, only when you don’t mess up with their rights. Know what your rights are and as well as what are casino’s rights, to avoid any unwanted disputes that could seriously land you in jail. You are entitled to ask any query regarding the game, especially if you are a novice that is bound to happen and for which the dealer, the Pit Bosses and the slot supervisors are always ready to help and guide you. In the case of any discrepancies, you can absolutely contact the casino’s management, but be respectful of how you do and what you do in that scenario, as they are always happy to clarify your query and rectify any misjudgments and hence, avoid behaving rude or posing a threat.

The casino management has every right to throw you out of their arena when you don’t follow their guidelines even after making enough allowances in the name of warnings. In the case of severe misbehavior practices, you wouldn’t be surprised to be handled by a cop or land in a jail, and so, at any cost, watch your behavior and be mindful.

  • Be lucid & Alert

Avoid asking the minimums and the maximums while you are at the table and instead, look at the placards that highlight such information to avoid distracting and disrupting the flow of the game. Also, while making signals, do make them very clear by using both the verbal and the hand signals, so that you don’t annoy or confuse your fellow players which might cause a serious dispute.

Always you should be on your guard at the casinos, even though there are security cameras glaring all around and security macho men walking all around the casinos. In that hustle and bustle, there are possibilities that many untoward incidents like pick-pocketing could happen, deceiving the security facilities. Also, never leave your casino chips unattended at any cost to avoid missing them. Constant vigilance is expected in and around the casino visit and hence don’t hesitate to request the security guards to escort you to the car parking lot, especially at late nights or during odd timings.


Casino is all about entertainment and at the same time, making some money, without losing your major wealth. Follow all the above mentioned etiquettes to reap your maximum benefits and amusements from the casinos.